Studying In Canada As A Nigerian- All You Need To Know

Are you Nigerian thinking of studying in Canada?
Canada is increasingly becoming a top destination for international students seeking a highly welcoming country open to international students.
With over half a million international students, Canada offers high-quality education at affordable tuition. Add to it is an excellent quality of life, immense post-study work permit and opportunities, and ample opportunities to become Canadian permanent residents and citizens- making Canada the top destination for Nigerians seeking to study abroad.

In this guide, we answer some of your top questions as Nigerian thinking about studying in Canada, including the educational requirements, the cost of the study, the courses available, and how you can use your study permit as a pathway to obtaining a Canadian permanent residence.
But before we jump into this guide, a little bit of introduction of who we are and why we want to help you study in Canada as a Nigerian.
Studying in Canada as a Nigerian: the oasis way
Let us start with a bit of story; everyone loves a story, don’t we?

OCS founding team are Nigerian professionals that became Canadian citizens. They live and work in Canada. Our team observed that the racial origin of lots of Canadians is Asian. Asian-Canadian consists about 18% of the Canadian population ( 2016 population), with dense settlement in some cities; about 70% ( 54% Chinese) of the people in Richmond, a town in beautiful Vancouver city, consists of Asians, with only about 0.6% blacks ( 2016 population).
With good knowledge that Canada warmly welcomes immigrants, our team wondered why only a few Nigerians/blacks took advantage of this.
Out of curiosity, OCS founders researched the reasons, and the findings led to the establishment of Oasis Canadian Schools.
The result of the research is that the countries in the Asian continent took advantage of Canada, linking education to immigration and family to relocate their children and families to Canada over the years, and offshore school is one of the pathways. Smart Asians had established Canadian offshore secondary schools in their various countries, and out of about 114 Canadian offshore schools, at least 72 are in China alone, with none in Nigeria.

Not until the establishment of Oasis Canadain Schools there was no single Canadian offshore school in Nigeria.

Oasis Canadian school (OCS) is Nigeria’s first and only Canadian offshore school. It is an extension of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), New Brunswick, Canada. The office of DEECD overseas educational activities in schools in New Brunswick, Canada, and also Oasis Canadian Schools, Nigeria; this includes the award of a secondary school diploma to the graduates. The diploma awarded to graduates of OCS students is the same as their counterparts who graduated in Canadian onshore/local schools.

OCS is a Canadian middle (grades 7-9) and high (grade 10-12) school, the Nigerian equivalent of JSS 1- 3 and SSS 1- 3 schools.

In addition to the Canadian standard curriculum, OCS offers a selected Nigerian curriculum as the students also graduate with NECO/WAEC results.

OCS students may choose to complete part of their studies in Canada and /or receive higher education in Canada. The admission to universities/ colleges requirements for OCS graduates are similar to graduates from Canadian onshore schools globally.
New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual province (English and French) and has built a dynamic world-class reputation for language learning. As OCS students would be completing part of their studies in New Brunswick, Canada, French language learning and proficiency are core components of OCS’s curriculum. OCS provides solid French education to prepare her students for career excellence, combining impeccable quality with limitless opportunities. Good knowledge and French proficiency are recognized factors that broaden global career opportunities for today’s advanced world graduates.
Graduates of OCS do not require additional English proficiency or other exams for admission to the topmost universities/colleges in the World.
OCS has an in-house Canadian Education consultant that connects students to Canadian student mentors while they are still in Nigeria; provides support with preparation and transition to the Canadian environment and way of life.
OCS partners are in charge of processing applications for admission, student visa, travel, and accommodation for OCS students that wants to study in Canada or anywhere in the World.

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Top reasons why you should study in Canada as a Nigerian
Not sure Canada is the best foreign study destination for you as a Nigerian? Here are the top reasons why you should consider studying in Canada.
Top-ranked, world-class education and diploma/certificate.
Canadian diploma is accepted, respected, and in high demand all over the World.
Canada’s education consistently ranks topmost among the best in the World. In 2018, the International Student Assessment (PISA) ranked Canada #1 in the English-speaking countries in science, math, and reading. Similarly, in 2012, 2015, and 2018, Canada maintained strong performance and outperformed other English-speaking countries in all three evaluations. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada consistently outranks the United States and the United Kingdom, often with significant margins.
Affordable education and cost of living.
As Nigerian thinking of studying abroad, the cost is one of the major things to consider- both the cost of tuition and the cost of living.
Although international students have to pay higher tuition fees than domestic students, the average tuition and other relevant costs for a Canadian education are far less when compared to that of other high education destination countries like the USA. Nigerians that graduated from OCS may be eligible for domestic and /or discounted tuition in some Canadian universities.
Work while studying opportunity.
The availability of opportunities to work while studying is an important factor for Nigerians planning to study abroad.
International students in Canada are usually eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during school terms and full-time (30 hours/ week) during scheduled breaks like summer vacation. Some students earn enough money to fund a significant portion of their studies with good planning.
Become a Canadian citizen
Canada has many programs designed to encourage international students to transition to permanent residents and Canadian citizens after their studies.
Options like the Post-Graduation Work Permit permits graduates to stay back and work in Canada after graduation. Eligible spouses and children of international students in Canada could visit, live, study and work in Canada.
Yes, there are many more reasons to study in Canada as a Nigerian, and it will be continued on the next page; study in Canada as a Nigerian.

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