OCS Team

OCS key team members.

To make life easier for parents and studying fun for students, OCS has worked hard to include all relevant offices /persons in her team. The team include ;

  • OCS staff and professionals: provide teaching and day-to-day operational supports.
  • DEECD – in-charge of awarding Canadian diploma to OCS students and study-in-Canadian onshore schools’ arrangement.
  • Registered Canadian Immigration Canada – in-charge of visa and relevant study permit application, processing, and follow-up.
  • Registered Canadian Educational Consultant: works with students and parents in making appropriate education decisions, applying for admission to universities/colleges anywhere in the world and on-going educational counselling and support.
  • Canada-approved Immigration Medical Examiner: provide the required medical examination for visa /immigration application
  • Student mentor: experienced domestic and international Canadian students that work with OCS students to ensure a smooth transition to the Canadian education system.
  • Others.