With the approval and support of  the Department of Education and Early Childhood Education, New Brunswick, Canada, OCS offers a renowned New Brunswick middle and high school curricula.
OCS also offers selected Nigeria curriculum and the students are awarded both Canadian and Nigerian diploma at graduation. 
Our professional Canadian-trained Education Consultant supports parents and students in choosing courses appropriate for their present and future education and career dreams.
Our teachers are well-skilled in delivering Canadian middle and high school curricula, and our low student-teacher ratio ensures efficient, interactive, hands-on and applied practical groups and personalized Canadian teaching methods.
OCS offers both classroom and online education, and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, New Brunswick, supervises the academic activities of OCS for quality assurance. Teachers at OCS receive regular, continuous professional development programs from Canadian educational experts.
Because both OCS’s students and teachers live at the school campus, learning and extra-curricular activities are customized to maximize benefits.