Our Schools

At Oasis Canadian Schools we are driven by a mission to develop and produce word-class, highly rated, widely accepted, responsible, and extremely valued high school graduates.

Middle school

We believe in our school children. We are convinced that every child is a unique individual with the innate ability to be great and successful if relevant supports are applied appropriately.

Boarding School

At OCS boarding home, each student is valued as an appropriate individual that requires adequate space and comfort to grow and develop optimally. Our state-of-art facilities allow and encourage students to live active lives, promoting the importance of healthy competition, community living and sportsmanship. OCS boarding facilities offer unparallel extra-curricular opportunities that inspire and support academic excellence.

High School

We seek to bring out the best in our school children by creating high-yielding and challenging educational programs in a conducive learning environment. We understand that our school children are in their developmental stage of lives and strive to nurture them effectively to become the best of adults and leaders, morally and professionally.

Language School

Good communication skill is key to a successful relationship and career, and the reason schools and countries require language proficiency for admission and immigration purposes. Proficiency in English and French is competency in their use for effective communication. OCS works with partners to deliver formal and high-standard language training and provide globally accepted language proficiency assessment tests.