Administrative Staff of Atlantic Education International(AEI) Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD , New Brunswick , Canada

Why Canadian Curriculum?

Canadian government values and links education with family and immigration. Studying at OCS and gaining a Canadian diploma significantly increase students’ chance to study, live and work in Canada and with their families.
Canada is famous for its high-quality education and students’ achievement.

It has one of the best global records of successful students with outstanding achievements, and the school curriculum is an excellent choice for your child/ward.

Canadian education consistently ranks topmost among the best in the World. In 2018, the international students’ Assessment (PISA) ranked Canada #1 among the English-speaking countries in science, math and reading. Similarly, in 2012, 2015, and 2018, Canada maintained strong performance and outperformed other English-speaking countries in all three evaluations.
According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada consistently outranks the United States and the United Kingdom, often by significant margins.
Canada is the top destination and friendliest country for international students. The Canadian government launched an innovative and well-structured plan in 2019 to increase the population of international students in Canada. The International Education Strategies is Canada’s efforts to export the country’s educational resources, explore new foreign partnership opportunities, and increase the number and diversity of Canadian international students’ countries of origin.

Globally, Canada is the most welcoming developed country for foreign nationals. It has unique and well-streamlined immigration pathways that support existing and prospective students to successfully relocate to Canada with their families to live, study, work, and naturalize.
Nigeria is the ninth most popular source country for international students and the fourth most represented nationality for new permanent residents in Canada in 2019. Many Nigerians that moved to Canada as students are now Canadian citizens. More importantly, the province of New Brunswick has a welcoming Immigration pathway for post-graduate international students.
Oasis Canadian School (OCS) is designed to support Nigerians to achieve their career dreams of obtaining Canadian education and facilitates continuing studying, relocation, living and working in Canada and with family members.