The primary learning curriculum at OCS is Canadian and is based on formative teaching and assessment methods. Learning and support are individualized and paced accordingly, allowing every student adequate time and resources to achieve the learning objectives successfully.
Every day, OCS students start and end their school day with a check-in from their grade teachers, and every lecture ends with a dedicated time block to support students requiring additional assistance to understand the lecture properly.

The last one hour of the classroom schedule is for group mentoring and co-curricular activities. Individual student mentoring session holds multiple times each week.

Our professional Canadian-trained education consultant supports parents and students in making appropriate career choices.
Canadian education specialists train OCS teachers in delivering the Canadian curriculum to our students, and our maximum of eight students in a class ensures efficient, interactive, hands-on and applied practical groups and personalized Canadian teaching methods.

OCS offers both classroom and online learning methods using advanced technology, and the teachers receive regular, continuous professional development training from Canadian educational experts. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, New Brunswick, accredits and supervises OCS activities for quality and standard assurance.