About the OCS

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 Oasis- a rare fertile green spot in an arid desert!

We are Oasis Canadian School (OCS), Nigeria’s only accredited Canadian offshore school. OCS is a Nigerian extension of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), New Brunswick, Canada. The office of DEECD oversees schools in New Brunswick, Canada, including the award of a diploma.

OCS is a Canadian middle ( grades 7 – 9 ) and high ( grades 10 – 12 ) school, equivalent to Nigeria’s JSS 1-3 and SSS 1 -3 schools. The primary curiculum of learning at OCS is Canadian. OCS also offers Nigerian curriculum and is accredited for Nigerian national examinations(WAEC and NECO). Canadian education specialists train OCS teachers on the planning, delivery and assessment of students using the Canadian curriculum and standards.

Like other Canadian high school graduates, OCS graduates are awarded a Canadian diploma and are considered Canadian high school graduates when applying for admission to any university in the world.

OCS students can complete their studies in Canada or anywhere in the world, and OCS Management supports students in all steps of application and relocation to study abroad. OCS partners with Canadian immigration and education consultants to provide students with the best career counselling and support them with their applications for university, visas, and relocation to Canada.
As the institution responsible for awarding graduation diplomas to OCS students, the Canadian department of education accredits and regularly supervises all activities at OCS to maintain Canadian quality and standards.

OCS is an accredited member of New Brunswick Offshore Program Schools(NBOSP), Canada.

Click here to OCS Canadian affiliation: https://aei-inc.ca/become-a-new-brunswick-accredited-school/accredited-schools/